Lighten And Brighten Up Your Villa With These Easy Tips!

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March 3, 2018
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March 10, 2018

Light Up And Spread The Joy

Even if your villa is a large luxurious one, if the interiors appear dark without admitting much light into the home, anyone who steps inside the house is bound to feel moody and disturbed by the shady atmosphere. A bright and lighthouse spreads joy and lifts up the spirits like no other. Even the guests who visit your villa will be impressed by the interiors if all the areas are well lit up admitting the glorious rays of sun all around. This article is exactly for all those who yearn for a light and bright home as the ones you often see on Instagram or Pinterest.

Irradiate The Walls!

beautiful villa reception area filled with lights powered with UPS power backup
Let us start from the walls of your villa. Afterall the walls are crucial to creating an impact! This is also one of the easiest, cheapest and most vital way to irradiate the whole room. Always opt for light color paints for your villa. The light color adds a splash of brightness to the room. In case your rooms are painted in dark colors, try changing it to light colors. You will be amazed at the impact of light colored paints. The whole space will be completely transformed into a brighter, warmer and inviting elegant area.

Mirrors, Mirrors On The Wall!
Even the fairy tale princesses used to ask the mirrors on the wall who is the fairest of all! Mirrors help to instantly brighten and lighten the space around it. It even helps in making the rooms look larger than it is. It provides an illusion effect of the available space and makes the room look larger and brighter. You could try placing mirrors across the windows in your room. These mirrors will reflect the sunlight entering from the windows and instantly makes the room look brighter.

Ambient Lights Does The Trick!

Garden view of a villa lighted up with energy effiicient solutions from ups manufacturers
A little bit of mood lighting can add a dash of elegance and feel to your rooms. It helps you to style up the rooms and make the rooms look gorgeous and breathtaking. It makes the rooms brighter and warmer during the daytime and makes the rooms look cozy, sweet and welcoming during nights.

Just as power cuts are a norm in Indian households, inverter has also become a norm at every household. Many inverter models have come up in the market to suit your power needs. They are worth the money you pay as they are safe, long-lasting and durable. Mr. Wesley of Nantech Power Systems Private Limited, gives us few tips on choosing the right inverter and battery. He says “The most important thing to find out before you go ahead with selecting an inverter is the power needs of your home. In simpler terms, the electrical appliances that you want to run when there is a power failure define your requirement.” He further adds “For example, if you want to run a fan, two tube lights, and a TV when there is a power cut, then it is calculated as below.”

1 Tube light = 60 Watts

1 Fan = 70 Watts

1 TV = 120 Watts

Then your electricity needs are 2*60+70+120 = 310 Watts.

The capacity of the battery is calculated using, the following formula.

No. of watts of power required * hours of backup/Voltage of the battery

Considering the earlier power requirement of 310 Watts

Battery capacity = 310*2/ 12 = 51 Ah so a battery of 100Ah will be best suited for your house.

Usher In The Magical Rays Of Sun!
No artificial lighting arrangements can compete with the natural rays of the sun. Make use of this natural energy source and ensure that there are plenty of spaces for the sun rays to enter your home without being blocked by anything. Try to avoid heavy treatments on the windows. These block the sun rays from entering the room and makes the room look dark and gloomy. Opt for minimal treatments like blinds, sheers, and shades. In case you love to use drapes, you can extend the curtain rods in such a way that the drapes can be stacked back against the wall. It helps to admit in more light and also makes the windows look bigger and elegant.

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