2018 Building Trends and Highlights

Latest Home Design Trends
November 22, 2018
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January 20, 2019

The real estate market is booming day by day and there has been a lot of changes and developments in the building sector. Nowadays, people have started to invest more money to purchase homes that are exactly like in their dreams. Here are some building trends for 2018.

The sunrooms were set up mostly in 90’s homes and now it has come back slowly in most homes. It offers enough space and ventilation to the existing living area. The main feature of the sunroom is it can be utilized as you wish. It can be used as entertaining space, party space, guest room or even indoor green space. It is an additional room in a house that can be converted as you wish. It should be set up in a ventilated space so that it allows enough light and air to the area.

Coloured cabinets:
Coloured cabinets are the new trend that has replaced white kitchens. In some homes, the entire kitchen will be set up in white colour but the cabinets will be in bright colours. It can be done by painting the cabinets or selecting light wood materials as per your personality.

Cement elements:
Most people consider cement for driveways and garages. It can also be used in the interiors and exteriors of the house in a creative way.

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