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September 8, 2016
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Vill App manages a group of luxury villas located in beautiful locations throughout the country. Recently Vill App has taken on the job of renovating one of its most popular villas to accommodate the latest luxuries for its guests. Major changes have been brought to the “Hillview Villa” that is located on the hill side right beside a meadow of gorgeous sunflowers. Every guest who has visited this villa has made plans to come back earlier rather than sooner.

Plenty of tweaks have been made to Hillview villa to bring it forth to the modern times. An experienced firm was hired to handle all the planning, building and engineering. It has taken over a year for the final result to be revealed. Since the original Villa was constructed in the early 1900s, a lot of changes have been made to the plumbing, electricity as well as the layout of the house. However, the structural base has been kept the same, and extra care has been taken to retain its old world charm that entices our customers during their visits.

The old fireplace has been spruced up to include a modern lighting system, making it much easier to start a fire. However, the mantel around the fireplace has been retained. The rustic bricks around the fireplace lend a charm of its own to the common room. Similarly, the gorgeous stained window near the stairways will also stay after the renovation. Watching the early morning sunlight stream through the stained glass is a pleasure that cannot be described easily.

Every Room Revamped with Latest Trends

The kitchen has undergone a major overhaul to bring it into the current century. All the cupboards have been replaced with modular cupboards, making it easier to access. However, the doors of the cupboards are made of teak, to complement the theme of the entire villa. The flooring in the kitchen had gone through a bit of wear and tear over the last couple of decades. They have been replaced with marble tiles that are easier to clean and also lasts for a long time to come. There have also been alterations to the kitchen in order to find spots for modern conveniences like the microwave, dishwasher, etc. We expect our guests to enjoy their stay at the villa and hence have included every amenity that will make them feel right at home. A coffee bar has also been included in the kitchen, as per some of the request made by our customers.

The bathroom also went through a complete makeover. All the fixtures have been replaced with the latest in the market. The shower fittings and the taps are all top quality with different temperature settings, making it useful in the winter season. We have also placed a Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. At the end of the day, the entire villa has been given a complete makeover without taking away any if its rustic charm that is popular for.

Grand Re- opening of the Villa:

The work is almost over and it will be open for booking from the first of the coming month. In order to celebrate the reopening of the ever popular Hillview Villa, we have planned a surprise for our customers. What better way to start your holidays than with a relaxing massage from experienced professionals. We also have other offers like discount vouchers for fishing equipment, free vouchers for the nature trek and so on. Hillview Villa is located in one of the most scenic locations you can find in the country. It is also easily accessible from the town, making it a good place to visit if you plan on being a recluse. You can hole up in our Villa and spend a few days in luxury as you pamper yourself and indulge in your favorite activities. You will feel replenished and ready to take on the world after your short little break. Families also prefer visiting Hillview Villa, given its offer of activities that the kid can indulge in. If you want your kids to fall in love with nature, there is no better place than Hillview Villa. Book the villa today to take advantage of the unbelievable offers.

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