Importance Of Structural Design In Building Architecture

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Whether it is a simple double storeyed residential villa in Tamilnadu or Maharashtra, a structural engineer plays a crucial role, especially Structural engineering have to ensure that they follow all the guidelines while taking care of both durability and safety aspects. Safety is the most critical aspects that structural engineers will need to look into. While architects focus chiefly on the visual appeal of a structure, it is up to the structural engineers to take care of all the technical aspects. The most crucial person who decides a lot in the entire construction process is the structural engineer. Therefore structural engineers will have to keep all the safety regulations in mind. Apart from safety durability is also another critical aspect. There cannot be any compromise in the quality of material used in the structure, because it can be highly risky in the long term. While constructing a villa, a structural engineer plays a crucial role, especially with regards to safety as the well the durability of the structure. Whether it is a residential structure or commercial structures, architects to play a crucial role in construction. These architects are also responsible for the visual appeal of the villas. There was a time when the aesthetic appeal of the villa was considered secondary, but now architects look beyond all this and look in the functionality as much as the aesthetic appeal. Architects have a lot to do from the beginning stage of deciding on the structures right up to the final structural design.

When deciding to building design, one of the most crucial aspects that the designers and engineers have to make provision for is the safety aspect. A building should be able to withstand natural calamities like heavy winds and rain, as well as disasters like earthquakes. Another thing to look for is for fire safety. Fire Protection Consultants will guide on this aspect as Fire safety standards are mandatory in most places around the world. A fire can start due to many reasons, and it could be due to a short circuit, or due to natural disasters. A building has to be constructed in such a way that the risk of a fire accident is minimized. As stated in the saying “better safe than sorry,” the same holds true in the case of fire accidents. When it comes to finishes, especially internal finishes, there is a possibility that this could itself be a source for the fire to begin, because they can be highly ignitable and combustible. Materials used for building such as textiles, plastics, and even furniture have different risks for fire. Some catch fire easily while some don’t. Structural engineers and building designers have to make provision for fire safety, and some of them include fire extinguishers at every floor, fire alarm systems that detect smoke and the occupants of the building are informed about it. The fire should be contained as fast as possible to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the building. The idea of having such a safety precaution is to ensure that the damage through fire is contained as fast as possible.


  1. Robin says:

    Architecture and structural engineering are completely different sciences but are inter-related. The structural designing focus with the concept of steel design in the structure. It means the structure’s internal skeleton helps in keeping the structure stiff, sound and also durable.

  2. Salim says:

    When constructing the building, the main focus of the architecture and civil engineers should be on safety aspect. They should check on various levels and angles for better safety. If required, they can also get assistance from fire protection experts.

  3. Celina says:

    It is important to plan well and think how the building would function now and also in the future. You should also know the stages of building which it helps you in preparing ahead. You should know the timeframes and check whether it meets your requirements.

  4. Alan says:

    Thanks for drafting an informative blog. As I do not have much knowledge about building construction and other important considerations, the entire blog remains as an eye opener for me. I was able to gain lot of information that are involved in building construction.

  5. Gowri says:

    When building constructions are performed with proper approval and with expert’s guidance, there is no chances for errors. But, it is necessary to contract with top architects and engineers. When you approach an inexperienced or a newbie, there are chances to face various issues.

  6. Janesh says:

    The building design and style plays an important part in various factors. It should be finalized after considering its purpose, usage, number of occupants, direction, and much more. The building foundation should be developed as per the concept design.

  7. Draupati says:

    There are lot of difference between scheme design and concept design. The beginning design idea is referred to as concept. The scheme helps in developing the concept. It is best to approach an architect for best building ideas and suggestions.

  8. Farisha says:

    As an architect student, I found this blog really informative and interesting to read. I was able to take lot of points and relate to my subjects. I would like to appreciate the writer for developing an excellent blog like this.

  9. Meena says:

    Architects who are practicing should consider designing on both mathematical and conceptual level. It is best to work with experienced structural consultants and know the necessary considerations while designing the structural systems. By applying simple maths, you can make project calculations for wood, steel, and masonry structures.

  10. Hanu says:

    It is important to update oneself by learning the latest design codes and models that includes LRFD and International Building for steel design. Structural solutions and essential principles reinforced with numerous photographs, drawings and paintings would help the architect in a great way.

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