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March 10, 2018
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November 17, 2018
A mobile phone with house and locks in graphics depicting home automation systems.

A home, a villa, a mansion is above and beyond four walls and a ceiling. It is a living space, a space that breathes. An area that sees many stories unfurl and evolve. It is a sanctuary for the inhabitants. Home is the place where every occasion, sad or happy, is considered. It is also a place where every mood is welcomed. A house is filled with family, friends, love, laughter, fights and cries. But why is it that an abode carries so many hats? The answer lies in safety. A house is a safe zone where you can be just you.

Mr. Selvin, who works with www.delfin.co.in, a leading Home Automation System Company talks about how these systems facilitate in safeguarding Villas. “These innovations not only safeguard those living in a villa but also adapt to your lifestyle to make it better. They are ingenious solutions that enhance even simple things like closing and opening the main gate. The systems are meant to make your villa alive”.

Let’s say you spent years toiling to build your dream villa but is it enough to make your lifetime wish come true? The answer is most probably no. A luxury dwelling is not complete until and unless at a touch of a button you can control every corner of it. Fortunately, with the advent of home automation, the power is now in your hand. A home control system can be integrated into any villa that allows you to manage it with smart devices. Listed below are all the categories of intelligent systems that you can install in a home. Each section also gives you the different varieties of solutions provided under it.


Access Control

Audio Video solutions Security

Auto Lighting Control System

Auto Air conditioner Control System

Auto Curtain Control System

Auto Room Heater Controlling system

Background Music Control System

Automated Irrigation Control

Door entry Alarm

Perimeter Alarm

Auto Gate Control System

Full control on IPAD / iPhone – remotely

Customized Programming



Auto Gate Barrier System

Biometric Entry

Card Access Entry





Structure Cabling

Server Setting

Wired and Wireless Network



Audio Video Designing

Dedicated Home Theater

Acoustic Sound proofing

Home Theater Setting for Living/Bedroom

Multi Zone Background Music

Outdoor Music (Garden / Pool)

Server setting for Movie & Music Libraries

Satellite Master Antenna Television System (SMATV)

Audio Video wireless streaming

Passage Entry sensing System



Surveillance System (CCTV Camera)

Perimeter System

Remote Access Entry via 3G

Glass Breaking Alarm

Door Entry Alarm

Online Security Control


The long list of options given above is comprehensive. For a villa owner, it is not necessary to implement each one of them. The information is provided to offer property owners an idea of what they can incorporate in their houses. Some villas are perfectly happy with just adding access control and security features while others want a completely networked home. The choice is yours on what you want to install in the villa and what not. The best option would be ones that make your life faster, quicker and safer rather than more cumbersome.


  1. Harini says:

    Home automation is the latest concept that has impressed every house buyers. I am planning to install automation systems even in my office. It has simplified a lot of tasks in my house. Moreover, it gives a peace especially when you are far away from home.

  2. Dany says:

    Home automation is slowly getting into trends. Nowadays, the developers or engineers are installing automation systems default for all buyers. This way, it is accessed and used by all people. It is not an expensive concept. When planned smartly, it is affordable.

  3. Shiva says:

    Fire alarm system is an interesting automation system that should be definitely installed in every house. The automatic fire alarm structure will find out the presence of fire by checking environmental, incidental and accidental changes linked with combustion. The dealers suggest right FAS solution according to the project requirement.

  4. Walker says:

    It is an informative blog. I would definitely share this blog among my friends and colleagues. Several people keep asking me about home automations. I would suggest them to check this blog as it has all the latest information. It is actually interesting to read this time.

  5. Betzi says:

    Access security systems are the major success under home automations. The guests or new visitor will be registered via the centralized software. It offers additional security to your house. If you have kids or pets at home, it is the must to include automation systems.

  6. Nikkal says:

    If you have got used to home automation systems, you would find hard to live in a home without that advanced technology. It is one of the most useful and helpful technologies that completely transforms your lifestyle. Home automation systems are affordable.

  7. Ananta says:

    At the start, it is hard to choose the right automation systems. In such scenario, you can assistance from home automation dealers. They would offer suggestions and guidelines to choose the right system. Moreover, they also help in installation process.

  8. Feroze says:

    There are several home automation companies that offers solution for hospitals, hotels, offices and homes. If you are interested in a particular home automation system, you should approach the company that has been selected by various villas and bungalows. It should also be approved and suggested by the leading architects.

  9. Franklin says:

    Some latest villa home automation system that can be added are gate openers, IP cameras, safety security sensors, curtain control, lighting control remote, and much more. A private smart application would completely monitor the villa anytime apart from these apps.

  10. Manasa says:

    The best part of home automation systems is wired and wireless deployment options. It helps the users to enjoy flexibility, reduce disruption and help them to easily use the solution as per their changing requirements. Moreover, the user can monitor and control devices using the smartapps.

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