Maintenance Tips for Villas

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November 22, 2018
Useful Home Maintenance Tips
November 22, 2018
  • If you are a proud owner of a villa or an apartment, you need to read the following maintenance tips. These tips are easy to understand and incorporate in your daily life.
  • The doors should be cleaned with a dry cloth on daily basis to maintain clean and neat.
  • The hinges of the doors should be lubricated once in fifteen days to achieve smooth closing and the opening of doors.
  • If you wish to avoid banging of doors, ensure to use the stopper.
  • The shutters and frames can expand and contract during the monsoons.
  • It is best to get in touch with contractors for fixing the doors in a proper way.
  • The hinges of the window require lubrication just like the doors monthly twice.
  • If you wish to have better clothing in your house, you need to use light coloured fabrics.
  • The gaps found between windows can be repaired with sealant.
  • It is better to replace hinges when it is not in order. This way, you can avoid frequent banging.
  • If you find the glass of the windows broken, you need to approach a contractor to fix.
  • The glass and grills of the windows should be cleaned using a wet cloth on regular basis. This way, it remains clean and allows fresh and clean air.

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