What are a villa and house?

Features of a Luxury Villa
November 22, 2018
How to Select a Villa?
November 22, 2018

Most people confuse the term villa and house and they do not know the exact difference between the two. A house is a normal building with standard features. It can be constructed in numerous floors as you wish. If you want garden area or swimming pool, it can be added in any extra space you have within the compound. The luxury form of house is referred to as mansion or bungalow.

A villa is completely different from house as it has a lot of advanced features. It is mostly constructed in gated communities. Several independent houses in a single gated community is the major feature of villa. Each house is termed as villa as it will have a common entrance gate. If needed, the owner can construct another entrance gate separately for their villa. There will not be any common walls. There are several gated community villas constructed in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. The features and amenities of the villa are outstanding, which majority of independent house owners tend to buy villas. It is completely a new experience to live in a community where you can spend time with neighbors and make friends all over the community.

Some interesting features of villas are tennis court, swimming pool, play school, private garden, common lawns, meditation halls, Jacuzzi, table tennis court and much more.

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